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  • Limitless Roleplay 3.0!

  • What's been going on

Welcome to Limitless Roleplay 3.0!


After the work of 2.0, and the excellent cooperation of the community and staff team, 3.0 has gotten off to a resounding success! A complete overhaul of new items, jobs, cars and means of rising up within the city. Factions like EMS, Police and Mechanics have had a revamp, with all new vehicles, MLO's and uniforms, as well as specialist equipment to separate us from the rest, putting us up there, being incredibly integrated and advanced. There are a whole host of means for you to be able to experience, some could call it a 'limitless' amount of ways! All new legal jobs, including Emergency Services, Department of Justice and Government, working for Amazon or flipping burgers. Or the more underground art of street racing and...

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  • New Server!

  • The new and improved Limitless Roleplay

Welcome to Limitless 2.0


We're pleased to announce that we have taken on a whole new world as a whitelisted community! That's right, the moment you've all been waiting for is finally here! We have overhauled everything within our community, changing our rules, policies, scripts, user interfaces, factions, shops, and so much more! We could sit here all day and describe the changes to you one by one; However, you'd be reading for quite some time. Come give us a whirl and experience a whole new world. We look forward to seeing your whitelist application slide in. You can start your Limitless Adventure by applying for our whitelist here. Can't wait to see you in city!


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  • New Website!

  • The new & Improved Limitless website is finally here

Welcome to Limitless

Hello players of Limitless Gaming!
We're pleased to announce that the brand new website is finally here. The website you're currently viewing is the main Limitless hub. Here you can view all the key announcements and important links and Limitless related websites. With this website, we'll also be introducing a brand new clean, flushed forum theme coming to the forums in the near future!

The staff team at Limitless wish you a merry Christmas and we hope you and your families stay safe during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Please follow your country's rules within this pandemic, they're important!

Lastly, we know and understand there are a lot of questions about everything that is coming to Limitless. Please hold back on...

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